Dating zveze

4,500 elite athletes, 11 days of televised competition through 2-12 August, seven united sports federations, a tale of two cities … Join us in Berlin to celebrate the best of European sport as the German capital co-hosts the inaugural European Championships.

The Green Inspiration Programme has been created to help European Athletics achieve its ‘Your Sport for Life’ vision and to promote European Athletics’ championships by involving members of the public in sustainability activities linked to the events.


Pri prisilnem komercialnem spolnem izkoriščanju gre v veliki večini primerov (98%) za ženske in dekleta (vir).

Prvi odgovor je bil: “Učitelja imaš pred nosom.” Že deseti (v bistvu jih nisem štela), da se prasica sploh ne splača biti, kajti vse se vrača, vse se plača.


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