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If I bore you by sitting around playing them, that's ."I mean, I'm usually out cutting wood with guns. I musta chopped down half an acre of woods with weapons, drivin' around in the Bronco, a total extravagonzo escapee attack.

But I think the silence of having my children in my lap taught me that I could have absolute quiet.

It's unnerving to watch him as he cracks open a yellow box of rifle cartridges.

"These were originally designed for M-16s," he says, pecking at a soft lead tip with his fingernail.

Ted spoons up the last of his grits and lurches off the couch to pull his acoustic Gibson out of its open case.

Leaning over the guitar, he picks out a dawdling series of chords. I had flown from New York to Detroit and driven 90 miles south for a patented Ted Nugent "gonzolectomy," not expecting to pass the time watching the celebrated wildman strumming lullabies."This was written the night my little girl was born," he says, and begins singing: "I know you're trying to smile for me/I can tell 'cause it's in your eyes. ." He works through two more verses, his voice turning plaintive and strained.

It's funny how I just realized that, but it's true.


Nugent rakes through his long brown hair and resettles his new Stetson, a present for his thirtieth birthday, which was yesterday, December 13th.Nugent stands six feet two, weighs 170 pounds and moves with an athlete's easy grace.


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