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Racing was very much an afterthought for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

last year as he struggled to recover from the impacts and effects of concussions.

Racing wasn’t even a thought.”Through the recovery process, Amy said she pushed her husband on days when he appeared on the edge of giving up.“I had to motivate him to get up every day and do his physical therapy,” she said.

“He was extremely frustrated with the symptoms he was having, mainly because he is Dale Jr.

It was a matter of keeping him motivated and doing the grind work with him.”“When he started feeling better and racing became an option again, he got excited, and that helped propel him,” she said.

“For the rest of us, I think it made us a little nervous about what if this (concussion) happens again.“Of course, that’s not something you can say to him. We had a lot of long talks as we were going through treatment.


Eury had served as Danica Patrick's Nationwide crew chief since she joined the circuit in 2010.

I assumed his hair would be really red, and it wasn’t. He said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ ”Amy worked on designing the interior of Earnhardt's new house without knowing she eventually would live in it.“If I had only known, I would have done so many things differently,” she said, with a laugh. We have a couple of bars in Key West we go to, and he gets up on stage without any reservation and sings.” Favorite songs? I know he has this kind of persona as a race car driver, but he’s just a sweet guy. He’s just a sweetheart.”As Earnhardt's final season winds down, the emotions tied to his long career in the sport and the life and death of his father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., are building.

I was pleasantly surprised with his physical appearance, but he was really shy. Amy said she has tried to keep things on an even keel as the ending at Homestead-Miami Speedway approaches Nov.

For Earnhardt, 38, this season has been about personal growth.

"I was just really nervous about what people’s perceptions would be, so I held a lot of stuff in and just kept a lot of stuff private for a long time," he said.

“We didn’t start dating immediately, but there was like an instant kinetic energy between us,” she said.



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